Why Do People Drag Click Mouse?

Some people drag click their mouse to scroll down the page, but others don’t. Most of us know this dragging motion from scrolling down on our phones, but do you know why we do it? In a study by UX Movement, they found that some people might have been taught how to use a mouse in school and were told not to drag or they would break it. This is just one possible reason for why many people may not be aware of this way of scrolling. There are other reasons too though! Read on for more information about what causes someone to drag click rather than clicking once with the left button.

People often wonder why they click their mouse repeatedly when there is nothing to see. They may also be confused as to why the cursor moves across the screen without them moving it. This happens because of a psychological phenomenon known as Mouse Mis-Click Syndrome, or MMC for short.

I know it sounds weird but I think there is a difference between feeling like you are dragging your mouse and actually dragging your mouse. When someone says they feel like their cursor is moving slower than usual or that the screen feels sticky, many people assume this means they need to buy a new computer. The reality of the situation is often times much simpler than that. Many people don’t realize how dirty their screens are until after they clean them up! It’s amazing what getting rid of all those fingerprints can do for an old screen..

Drag clicking is a way of moving your mouse in an unnatural, jerky motion to scroll the page up and down. It’s not just annoying for other people who are trying to read what you’re writing, but it can also cause problems when scrolling around on websites or when doing work in certain programs. Drag clickers might want to consider using one finger instead of two so they can still have complete control over their cursor while dragging the mouse.

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