What is Drag Clicking Mouse?

Drag clicking is the act of using the mouse to move objects on a screen by pressing and holding down the left button while dragging with the right. Drag clicking can be used for many tasks, but it’s most often used in editing software when moving items like text or graphics around on a page. What is drag clicking? It’s easy! You need to click your mouse (left) and hold it; then you use your other hand (right) to move whatever you want without letting go of that one click.

Drag clicking is a technique that uses the mouse to click at high speeds. It can be used for gaming, but it also has many industrial applications. There are different techniques that people use when they drag click including using their ring finger on the side of the mouse or using two fingers and dragging them both across the surface of the mouse.

The speed of this movement can be altered by how far your arm moves out from your body and how fast you move your arm back in towards it. Drag clicking is a great way to quickly get through tasks without getting carpal tunnel syndrome!

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